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Combining 20 years of complex rule designing tools with cutting-edge AI-technology for robust SaaS platforms with powerful and intuitive interfaces.

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, x2Systems, Inc. is a SaaS business intelligence platform provider specializing in advanced rule building technology used to automate complex business processes.

Intuitive and powerful, x2Systems’ proprietary rules engine provides robust functionality with extreme flexibility. Over the nearly 20 years in the BI space, x2Systems’ platforms have been exposed to a wide range of complex and varied business requirements, which have expanded and strengthened the functionality substantially. Because of this, as well as recent integration with AI-technology, x2Systems’ platforms are unrivaled in the ability to build and validate rules, and accurately report on the results.

Key features of x2Systems’ platforms include:

  • Integration with cutting-edge AI-technology
  • Proprietary rules engine
  • Graphical, drag and drop rule building
  • Easy-to-use, no code interface
  • Role-based permissions

Advanced AI-Powered Tools

x2Systems’ platforms are built around the use of AI-generative bots which perform a variety of tasks that enhance and simplify the user experience.

x2Systems' Platforms

Our agile and robust platforms are completely powered by AI-technology, making managing intricate data models and automating complex workflows a breeze.

Core Commissions

Developed in 2005, x2Systems’ original automation platform Core Commissions, provides an affordable web-based commission management solution for the automation and calculation of complex variable pay plans. As a leader in commission management software, Core’s platform is capable of:

  • Building and auditing rules
  • Managing complex data relationships
  • Web-based reporting and analytics tools
  • Dispute management

x2 BotSquad

x2Systems, Inc.’s newest platform, x2 BotSquad, provides users a powerful and dynamic AI-driven business intelligence solution with a breadth of features and functionality for automating a variety of business processes. x2 BotSquad’s flexible and intuitive interface allows for personalized application of the system for tasks such as:

  • Intelligent data management
  • Performance metrics
  • Automated documentation workflows
  • Web reporting portal

Extreme Automation for your Business

Get immediate access to x2System’s powerful automation platforms to streamline your business and transform the way you work.  

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